am i normal?

i have always been a pretty big worrier. i can and will stress about anything and everything (i get that from my nana for sure). i worry about yesterday, i worry about tomorrow, i worry about myself, i worry about others. i can’t help it. i am a chronic worrier. i try to not let it consume me, but sometimes it just does.

and pregnancy is no different. shocker.

i hear it’s “normal” to have concerns and be worried but it’s still so scary. “what if something is wrong?”; “what if i’ve done something to hurt him?”; “why isn’t he moving right now?”; “am i eating too much chocolate”; “am i eating enough protein and omega 3’s?; “what if?, am i? why?”.

it can be beyond consuming.

today after eating lunch with some friends i didn’t feel 100%…i kept tasting the chicken that was on my salad. then i started thinking back to it and recall it looking/tasting maybe not the best (i was starving and may/may not have devoured it without really tasting it!). i just thought it was severely overcooked (it was), but now i can’t help but wonder if it was bad? is that why he’s not moving has much this afternoon? or is it just because he’s getting bigger and there is less room?

i know there is no sense in worrying. it’s not good for me, it’s not good for him. but, sometimes it gets the best of me.

i suppose this is just the start of the motherly instinct worries. i will forever worry about my little boy — in the womb and out.

on a happier note, i “stuffed” the awesome furry bean bag today for the nursery. and it is AWESOME! i can’t wait to put baby boy in it and snap some pics!

awesome furry bean bag

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