30 weeks/easter pics/weekend

my babies

easter gathering

it is a gorgeous day in KY. absolutely gorgeous. and, it’s been quite productive!

first, baby boy now has a place to sleep. no, the room is far from finished, BUT we have a crib that is now assembled. and, the best part (besides how amazing it is) is that it took us only 45 minutes to put together! let’s just hope he doesn’t hit the floor when we put him in it.

disregard the surroundings (paint/furnishings to come!), but LOVE the crib!


second,i whipped up a batch of these energy balls (i.e amazeballs as i’ve seen them called and love). loaded with omega 3, protein and fiber — and super yummy. these are a great snack to help increase my omega 3 consumption for baby boy’s brain development. i highly suggest you make…but be warned, they are super addictive. plus, this is definitely a blog i am now following — good stuff!

third, in my domestic state this weekend, i also whipped up this quinoa dish for our family easter lunch. i. love. quinoa. and this dish did not disappoint. so excited i have lots of leftovers for lunch and dinner (sorry hubby, you are on your own for the next couple days!). don’t feel too bad for him though; i also made him a batch of my super special (i.e. back of the coconut bag) macaroons which he LOVES. if you haven’t made them using that recipe, you should. they always impress and are beyond easy. especially dipped in chocolate.

roasted grape and pear quinoa salad - yum!

last, but not least, we got to spend some quality time with each other and family this weekend. between the crib assembly and movie date last night and family easter gathering today, it’s been a pretty awesome and productive weekend. it is crazy to think next year we’ll have a little one to tote around to all these festivities!


30 weeks @ easter

off to enjoy what remains of this gorgeous weekend!


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