30.5 week update

this week (well, all the weeks) are flying by! today we had a doctor appointment and got to view the growth of our sweet boy (so exciting — details below).

i cannot believe i am only 9 weeks away from my due date. so much to do and so little time (and energy), but alas it will get done.

along those lines, we started the baby class at the hospital tonight. it was a wee boring (first classes usually are — ice breakers,basics, the like) but i think it’s going to be great. the variety of couples was interesting too – covering the spectrum of “at home/duhla/water” births to “epidural/hospital” births (i would be of the latter – for sure). i am all about everyone wanting to do their own thing, but too many things “can” go wrong and i want to be where i need to be if that happens. that’s all i will say on that topic. oh, and i dislike pain. therefore, if given the option, why not limit it!?

enough of that (i’ll share more as we learn more). on to the 30.5 week update…

how far along: 30.5 weeks
size: according to today’s ultrasound he is 3 pounds and 5 oz. he’s measuring right on track (with a slightly large head, thanks to my husband’s family genes! that should be fun during labor — hence the epidural.)
weight gain: approx 12-13 pounds from the beginning. to be honest, i’m not 100% sure what i weighed when we started as i tend to fluctuate 3-5lbs on fertility meds. i did gain on track the past 4 weeks thanks to my increased snacking efforts so we’re doing good!
clothing: oh lululemon how i love you. i would live in this if it were acceptable (it should be). fortunately, i can still wear many of my normal jeans (it’s a squeeze and a bit uncomfy but whatever) but many of my normal work clothes have been put up for the remainder of this pregnancy. loving maternity jeans, tank tops and scarves. this will likely beg my uniform for the next 8 weeks (when i’m not in lulu).
cravings: smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies. i swear i want them all the time. and pineapple. and chocolate (although i really need to learn to stop eating it at night b/c of this fun reflux that has come to play). i’ve been trying to eat smaller meals more frequently. and, as i talked about here i’ve been really working on getting more omega 3s and protein — fortunately smoothies fit all these categories!
pitfalls: nausea and reflux have made an appearance this past week. not cool. i thought this was supposed to happen in the first trimester — not the third! i have been feeling yuck. thank goodness for zofran and tums. oh, and sleeping has pretty much disappeared. your body really does prepare you for a little one, i guess.
things i miss: i don’t think i need to repeat the obvious (sushi, cocktails, etc.). i also miss being able to just pull something out of my closet and go! and, spring shopping…so many fun things that i refuse to buy. for now, i’ll just stick to nursery/baby shopping (it’s just as fun!). nursery status: crib is together, room and closet is cleaned out, painting begins monday and a HUGE pile of baby boy’s stuff has taken over our guest room. it’s happening!
low point of week: see above. NAUSEA!
exciting news: we have scheduled an induction date for 6/11 so baby boy will be making his arrival in 8.5 weeks. 8.5 WEEKS!!!! that is crazy!

in unrelated news, griff lost his manhood yesterday. it was a sad day for him, but necessary. he’s been wandering a lot and humping EVERYTHING. it was time. he did great and now our little bubba is ball-less. he looks kinda funny but we don’t think he’s realized it yet (thanks to his pain meds).

2 thoughts on “30.5 week update

  1. samantha says:

    I hate the weight gain from fertility meds! Well truthfully, I haven’t actually gained any weight, but my stomach is bloated out like crazy – it drives me nuts! I miss my flat stomach. This is not cute. And for constant negatives…I question whether it’s worth it.

    • dogsarekids says:

      I know – that part always sucked. It’s like you get the bad side effects of being pregnant (bloated, weight gain, moodiness, emotional) but without the baby. I feel your pain but promise you it is worth it. I promise. And, in fact, thus far I have felt better while pregnant than I did while jacked up on fertility drugs. I think my body was so use to a state of chaos that it’s made pregnancy easier. I hope that is the case for you too WHEN it works (and it will). Don’t give up. Hang in there!

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