32 week update

as usual, life is crazy busy around here! my 3 day work week somehow turned into a 5 day work week (again). oh well — i do it to myself so no complaints! but in addition to lots of work, i’ve managed to squeeze in some fun including an overnight trip to louisville to celebrate two good friends’ birthdays (and a trip to trader joe’s and lululemon while there), baby class, barre classes and tomorrow i’m hoping to squeeze in some good solid couch/dvr time!

how far along: (almost) 32 weeks
size: 4 navel oranges (random) – 3.5lbs and 16.25″ long. basically he can stretch from one side of my belly to the other!
clothing: i officially wore a lululemon workout top to a work meeting tonight. yep. throw on a cute skirt, jacket and belt (above the belly) and no one can tell. this weekend we are having our maternity photos which is super exciting except i have NO idea what to wear. closet raid happening tomorrow.
cravings: same. sea salt dark chocolate anything, smoothies, fruit and edamame crackers. and, my newest love icebreakers sour candies. yum.
aversions: ANYTHING spicy, overly seasoned, garlicy, etc. basically any ethnic food is OUT for the rest of this pregnancy. i can smell it and get heartburn and a bellyache. 😦 we had a girlfriend’s birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants last night in louisville and i could barely get down a salad and one salubute without feeling terrible. sadness.
pitfalls: see previous! i’ve been pretty hormonal this week too. i am temperamental for sure (sorry dear — you know what i’m referencing!).
things i miss: i miss my pregnant friends. slowly but surely most of my close pregnant girlfriends that were due around me have delivered (one more to go and she’s bound to pop this weekend!). i am thrilled for them but sorta miss having those counterparts to text/bitch/laugh with!
nursery status: the room is painted and it is everything and more than i expected! my mom is coming in town this weekend and we are going to unpack/unload all the fun goodies/accessories! so excited — sneak peak of the wall below and pictures to come after this weekend of the (nearly) complete nursery.
low point of week: moods and reflux for sure.
activity: still plugging along! exercise is definitely getting more laborious, BUT after having two newborn classes i think it will pay off (not only in helping me get my body back post-baby but also during labor)!. i’ve been continuing with barre classes (with modifications), the elliptical and pilates (trying a pilates playground class tomorrow — should be fun!). i’ve realized that just like pre-pregnancy, i still have to physically exhaust my body in order to sleep. exercise is just part of what makes me feel normal and good so i’m glad that (thus far) i have been able to keep it up.
exciting news: i have my first baby shower this weekend! i am so excited (and blessed). and, my mama gets to come in and play for the shower (and to help set up the nursery). we also have our maternity photos this weekend – can’t wait to formally (well, casual/candid formal) document our pregnancy for our sweet baby boy.

lots happening! life (work and play) are super busy but it’s all wonderful.

below are some belly pics and a sneak peak of the nursery!

32 weeks

nursery preview

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