33 1/2 week update

everything. is. getting. harder.

for example, clearly it is much harder for me to stay on top of blog posts!

seriously though, things are just starting to get a little more difficult. no complaints (it’s all a means to get him here healthy) but sleeping, eating, exercising, working, breathing, steps, getting in/out of bed, bending over, etc. are ALL becoming increasingly more laborious. in fact, i took a mental health day yesterday just to recoup. it was needed (pilates mat class, manicure, reading, movie with hubby and dinner at home – check). awesome and rejuvenating.

this week marks another big thing — it’s DERBY week. i have a lot of mixed emotions around this. it’s no secret, I MISS LOUISVILLE SO MUCH. and, this week/time of year, i miss it even more. it’s the most amazing time of year in my favorite city ever. we have gone to oaks and derby for the past two years and prior to that we always were into some sort of derby party trouble/fun. we had great tickets again this year; however, i sort of put my foot down. seriously – derby 8.5 months pregnant?! not my idea of a blast or way to spend a boat load of money. if you’ve been to derby, you know what i mean. if you haven’t, imagine 10-12 hours of 5″ heels, LOTS of overserved people, usually some rain, lots of walking, lots of bumping, etc. but now that derby is breathing down our neck, i sorta wish i’d sucked it up and we had gone. but, we are attending the governor’s bash tomorrow night and having a low key derby party so it’s not all a loss. 🙂

here’s a run down of things going on at this point:

how far along: 33.5 weeks. he’s about the size of a pineapple right now (and sorta feels like one since he pokes me all the time!). weighs about 4lbs. i actually had a freebie 4D ultrasound today — the hospital was testing new equipment and needed a guinea pig — i was most certainly up for the cause! of course, he’s a little big now to get good images on a 4D, but we did catch some good glimpses and, most importantly, we got to see his HEALTHY heart, kidneys, spine, etc. always a relief no matter now many times you see it.
ETA: we are planning on being induced one week early (6/11) IF he is looking ready to go (which based on his placement today is looking pretty good – knock on wood). so…about 5.5 weeks to go!
weight: again, i’m so bad about keeping up with this. i don’t own a scale and really only weigh myself at the doctor. i know my belly is growing daily though.
overall feeling: i am still feeling pretty good. as i noted above — everything is getting harder (much harder) but i’m still hanging in. i’m anxious more than anything. my 4 friends in louisville have now had their babies and i am ready too.
activity: still going…not quite “strong” but definitely still going. i am still trying to be active every day whether it’s a pilates class, barre class, barre video or walking the dogs. it just makes me feel so much better. i look quite ridiculous doing these things, that i am sure of. in fact, at this point i hope my water breaks when i’m in a pilates class. 🙂
cravings: nothing out of the ordinary. still eating a lot of flax seeds — i want his brain to be big and strong! i cannot eat enough fruit right now (well, i take that back…my stomach has much less room so i have made myself uncomfortable way too many times stuffing my face with pineapple/mango/strawberries.). oh, and can i just tell you that trader joe’s is OUT OF SEA SALT DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS. they are on backorder until May 5th. i almost freaked out on the guy. fortunately i subbed some dark chocolate caramel bars but still i was devastated. i cannot believe i let my stash diminish! never again will i go below 2 unopened containers at my fingertips!
aversions: same – no icing. no cake. yuck. cookies are okay depending on the day and cookie. but icing makes me want to hurl.
emotions: getting very, very anxious. the nursery is pretty much finished, but we still have a lot of things to do like purchase a pack n play, install car seat, buy stroller(s), wash his clothes, stock the changing table/bathroom, buy highchair, read more baby books, writing letters to baby boy, etc. since i forget everything right now (almost immediately) – i have about 10 billion to-do lists. this is even a bit much for me, and i LOVE to-do lists. they are starting to take over my life (my purse, my car, my desk, etc.).
things i miss: oh dear lord i want some champagne SO much. i can taste it. and, my body being my own — it has definitely been taken over by a basketball.
things i don’t miss: i can already feel my first post-champagne morning headache…i can’t beleive i’m already thinking about that.

i feel like time is flying by and at the same time barely moving. hurry up and wait is the perfect description.

i think that about covers it right now. pics to come this evening. 🙂


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