so much

where to even begin.

first, i am a slacker on blogging. but, i’m going to cut myself a little slack…life has been busy/full/chaotic/fun/exhausting/entertaining/insane/wonderful the past couple weeks.

some highlights:

two weekends i had my first baby shower! thanks to some very dear friends, i had the most amazing celebration in our “new” home town. i felt very much “showered” with love and full of emotion. i actually was quite overwhelmed that in less than two short years, i have surrounded myself with such amazing, strong women who mean so much to me. the party was perfect — great company, adorable (and eclectic) decor, yummy food (lots of my favorite things like TJ horseradish hummus, strawberry fruit salsa, etc.), and dear dear friends. to top it off, we got some amazing gifts — things we both “need” and “want”. the highlight for my hubby…

UL play mat – it plays the fight song!

amazing hostesses, love you all!

following the shower, my mom and i played “nursery set up”. while my husband enjoyed a day at keeneland with buddies gambling/drinking/playing, my mom and i nested and did all the “girly” things i’ve been dying to do. it was great. we unpacked all the shower goodies, “oohed” and “aahhed” over the cuteness of the clothes, unpacked all the fun nursery decor that has been piling up for MONTHS in our storage area and basically got our nursery to a point of about 80% completion. it was an awesome night! pics to come in the next post! i am in love with it.

“future surgeon like my daddy” onsie

on sunday following the shower, we went to louisville to have our maternity photos done! i cannot wait to see them! we kept it very casual — no naked belly / hubby standing behind me cupping my naked breasts (no one needs to see that!). just us, a field and a camera.

sneak peak that the photographer posted last week.

maternity pic preview!

after that whirlwind weekend, the work week was VERY long and VERY tiring. work, baby class, exercise, laundry, family dinner, etc. filled the week. nothing too exciting…unless of course you think watching three 1980’s live births (on VHS tapes no less) is exciting. i found it very disturbing and it almost (almost!) made me want to offer up birth to be videoed so no one has to witness the 80’s version any more.

finally, another weekend rolled around. and, it was another crazy busy one! this past weekend we had another shower (i know, we are extremely blessed). dear friends of ours threw us a couples shower to celebrate our addition and it was a blast! louisville is crazy busy this time of year (DERBY!) so several people couldn’t make it but we had a blast nonetheless. lots of laughs, lots of yummy food (smores!), lots of cute gifts and (most important) lots of memories. oh, and for everyone else lots of yummy cocktails. đŸ™‚ while i crashed (well, laid in bed staring at ceiling which is my version of sleep these days), i even “let” the hubby go out with his buddies on the town. all in all, a great night! Pics to come…they are living on my camera and i’m lazy right now.

sunday, we wrapped up our weekend of celebration with one of our favorite louisville events/traditions — the cherokee triangle art fair. now, the art fair is uber cool (lots of great items including several fun nursery finds for baby boy), but the real reason we love it…the awesome plastic cups they serve beer in! they are the ultimate roadie cup and we have collected them for years! unfortunately, this year i couldn’t help colllect…but i did offer to drive so that was my version of helping:). we had a blast wandering the festival, collecting cups and hanging out with some dear friends. i’m not sure how the stack of green cups didn’t make the photo — we definitely added to our collection.

cherokee art fair collecting cups!

finally, we finished our amazing louisville weekend with an early, yummy sushi dinner (and a trip to trader joe’s) .yum.

sushi love

i must say, this weekend made me miss louisville more than ever. however, the weekend before i was showered with love in our new town (i still say new and we’ve been here for two years — not sure that will ever stop). i guess / hope it’s possible to miss one place more than ever and still feel so at home 100 miles away, while simultaneously enjoying the new life we have created. i wonder if that feeling will lesson with baby boy? i sort of hope not.

on that note, i’m ending this ridiculously long post. next up – nursery pics and a 33.5 week update!

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