my week in pictures

well…i never got around to writing a post, but at least i have some pictures. it was another busy/crazy week. the weeks continue to simultaneously creep and fly by.

drinking a shirley temple (or the like!) at the governor’s derby ball

maternity picture proofs

running stroller purchased! now, we just need to assemble. sigh.

nursery decor addition — from cherokee art fair.

breast pump purchased — following breastfeeding class! and it got a deal.

ibaby monitor! i am so excited about this! thanks mom/dad.

changing table stocked. diapers, wipes, creams, pads, lotions, etc.

TJ almondictive bites. hoping they can take the place of sea salt dark chocolate almonds since they have been sold out for weeks now (i’m dying!).

baby bag packed.

orange nails and a cutie pie pup

caprese quinoa salad – perfect summer food!

picture summary:

1. derby eve party at the governor’s mansion (drinking a virgin cocktail while hubby enjoyed the top shelf bourbon sampling bar!). pretty proud of myself for rocking 5″ heels all night.

2. maternity picture proofs arrived! jessie is a genius. love her/them. now, how to decide?

3. lots of baby items/things accomplished this week including purchasing / receiving our bob running stroller.

4. another nursery addition — how cute is this! we found it at the cherokee art fair and “needed” it for baby boy’s room. griff is very confused by this piece!

5. attended breastfeeding class AND purchased breast pump (on sale!) this week. i feel much better about the whole thing after the class. i really hope i am able to do it…my body doesn’t seem to do what it’s “supposed” to do (hence the route to get to this point) so we shall see.

6. iBaby monitor! thanks for a gadget-loving dad, we now have a super cool monitor for our boy. we can watch him from our iphones and ipads! now, to install. that should be fun!

7. changing table is stocked and ready. we have newborn diapers, wipes, creams, sanitizer, powder, etc. i think/hope we’re ready. and i made a basket of the same goodies for our upstairs living room (nursery is downstairs).

8. sadly trader joe’s has been OUT of their sea salt dark chocolate almonds for over 2 weeks. I AM DYING! seriously, why/how did i let my stash diminish? never again. they are going to hold 10 (yes, 10!) containers for me when they do come in again. in the meantime, they convinced me to buy these little bites as a sub. haven’t tried them yet but pretty sure they won’t be the same. thank goodness for sea salt soriee bars.

9. packed the baby bag this week. this was actually my very first baby purchase (from timi and leslie). love it and finally have it packed and ready for outings. i know, i know…probably not a priority but it makes me feel better to have it done. i guess i should do the hospital bag soon…

10. my cutie pie puppy AND summer nails. 🙂

11. i spent the day sunning at the lake with a dear friend today. amazing day. and, i whipped up this yummy treat for lunch (and also dinner just now). along with my first watermelon of the season. i love, love, love watermelon!

this weekend will be including some volunteer work (for puppies of course) as well as lots and lots of assembling! we need to install our car seat, put together swing, assemble stroller and figure out the monitor.

a little over 4 weeks and counting. here we go.


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