mother’s day and infertility

first of all, i must wish my dear, sweet mama a wonderful mother’s day. i have the most amazing mother that has provided a role model and foundation for what i hope to be for our baby boy. i thank her from the bottom of my heart and feel blessed to have her not only as a mom, but also a dear friend.

mother’s day is, of course, a very special day in which we honor and think about all the lovely mamas out there. but, it can also be a really difficult day for those trying so desperately to conceive. i can’t help but think about that today. my husband left me the sweetest cards of my life this morning which i will forever treasure (one from him and one from our baby boy). i had a breakdown of emotions and tears when i read them. i am so, so excited for this journey with him, but it also brings a rush of vivid memories of working so hard to get here. last year at this time we were in a “holding” phase — we were doing the natural thing (with some clomid here/there) and waiting to start IVF/IUI again. i recall having a hard time on mother’s day — seeing all my friends, coworkers, etc. celebrating a day that i hoped and longed to celebrate. not for the gifts, but for the sole reason of being able to mother a child. and, so today i want to send out special thoughts to those of my friends (and everyone) trying to conceive. don’t feel guilty if you have a hard time today; it’s okay. hang in there and hold on to the hope that it can happen. it just may not be how you envisioned it.

i vow to read this post every time i am having a hard day — when i’m struggling to find balance, exhausted from lack of sleep, wondering if i am being an okay mom and generally ready to curl up in a ball and cry (i know it will happen). i vow to read this and remember how hard we worked to get here and how much we wanted this. every ounce of change, every hour of missed sleep and every tear have been and will be/are worth it.

happy mother’s day to all you mother’s out there and all those hoping to be mother’s one day.

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