did i eat a watermelon

so, it’s no secret that I LOVE fruit. and summer watermelon is right up there with my all time favorites. i hadmy first one about 2 weeks ago and thought it was too early, but it wasn’t! It was awesome and i devoured it in 2 days. since then, i’ve been through several. it’s almost alarming how much watermelon I can consume. the upside – i’m getting tons of hydration. the downside – i and peeing constantly. even more than normal these days. oh well.

speaking of watermelon, i also look like i’ve swallowed one!

back with the 36.5 week post and torpedo belly pics later (hopefully!).



One thought on “did i eat a watermelon

  1. […] watermelon. watermelon. and more watermelon. add in some veggie sushi and tons of dark chocolate and i need […]

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