36 weeks

the countdown is on. officially.

we have only a few more weekends before our little man enters the world (hopefully — i don’t think i can deal with going much past our due date!)

anyway, i’m feeling pretty good for the most part. things seem to be in overdrive right now though — work is busy, life is busy, everything is busy. i don’t think i’ve cooked dinner for two weeks and, after looking at my calendar, it doesn’t appear to be happening any next week either. between trying to wrap up work, squeezing in dinners/outings with friends, volunteer meetings/events, attending baby classes, making a few trips to louisville, etc. i’ve been going about 100 mph. but, it’s all worth it…trying to squeeze it all in before our world is rocked.

a few tidbits:

duration: 36 weeks tomorrow.

how big: 5-6lbs, large cantaloupe.

highlights this week: we finished baby class and had breastfeeding class last week. and i have washed all of baby boys clothes (so freaking cute). and, yesterday was my last baby shower with my nearest and dearest in louisville. it was the BEST day ever. i cannot wait to get the pictures (from one of the hosts who is super creative/talented) to share. and the goodies — well, they were amazing. let’s just say that baby boy is now gonna be rocking some super stylish frocks.

bummers this week: i. am. beat. the 5″ heels four days in a row for work may have been a bit much this week too. and sleep is freaking impossible. dark circles are hopefully becoming a fashion trend. according to some of my newborn mommy friends, i may get more/better sleep after he arrives (let’s hope so!).

activity: still going — not quite like the energizer bunny but still doing barre and elliptical. i’m at that point that laying on my back in pilates really makes me turn green now so i think that may be over until after he arrives (but some exciting news on that topic soon!). i truly think staying active has played a huge role in keeping my energy levels up and outlook positive.

must do asap: hang mobile. hang pictures. install carseat (probably should go to top of list!). order pack n play. order last minute items that we need. pack hospital bag. interview nannies.

cravings: watermelon. watermelon. and more watermelon. add in some veggie sushi and tons of dark chocolate and i need nothing else. i was super excited to pick up my TEN containers of TJ dark chocolate sea salt almonds yesterday! they had them at the shower too (as well as an assortment of all my favoite chocolate yummies — sea salt brownies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate PB fruit dip. sigh. 🙂

aversions: more right now than before — i’m just uber picky at the moment unless it involves fruit or chocolate. nothing spicy, no mexican, no italian, no garlic, no icing/cake.

other exciting things:
1. lots of fun work opportunities in the horizon that i’m contemplating (more to come!)
2. lake day with dear friends to look forward to next week.
3. the pool opens next saturday. you will find my bikini lad basketball belly there ALL weekend and every weekend until he arrives.
4. i can’t wait to document all the fabulous shower details from yesterday!
5. dr. appt this friday to get “checked” and see if this boy is starting to show any signs of entering this world soon.

emotions: wow — all over the place. i have been really emotional this week. i can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the love we have surrounding us right now. a substantial amount of tears happened last night as i re-read cards from the shower and just soaked in all the love and blessings that have occurred over the past 9 months. it is surreal. i don’t know what we did to deserve all of this, but i am forever grateful for this time in our lives. forever.

my 35.5 week pics

torpedo belly! it’s funny that people as if i’m having a boy based on the shape of my belly these days. pretty cool.


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