last (few) weekends!

this weekend has been quite eventful, yet also pretty relaxing. and, that’s a good thing considering we have very few weekends until our little man makes his appearance. based on my dr. appt on friday, i am 2cm dilated and 75% effaced…we were VERY pleasantly surprised! i honestly did not expect to have any progress at this point — i haven’t really been feeling different other than some on/off braxton hicks contractions (and a crazy butt muscle spasm incident this morning that i’m blaming on barre classes — for a bit i had to wonder if it was labor it was so intense!). a little stretching and walking at the gym worked it out though.

back to the long weekend. as i’ve shared before, we’re trying to make the most of these last few weeks b/c we know our lives are about to be rocked. thursday i started the long weekend with a fabulous day floating on the lake with a dear friend (perfection). friday after my (successful) dr. appt, i went to pilates and lunch with some girlfriends, then we drove to louisville to celebrate another friend’s birthday surprise dinner at jeff ruby’s. despite being one of the lone sober rovers, it was an absolute blast and a different group than we often hang out with. it was such fun! yesterday i plopped my bowling ball belly at the pool (opening weekend – yea!) and it was scorching! baby boy didn’t love the heat though so i had to bail after about 2 hours and multiple dips in the icy water. tonight, we’re having my husband’s family over for an uber low key cookout. i love to entertain and figured this might be our last opportunity for a while with baby boy coming soon. and, to be honest, i don’t have the stamina i usually do!

all in all, i am feeling really good still. it’s hard to believe we have simply two weeks until our scheduled induction date (which will seemingly happen after the news friday). two. weeks. wow.

i think the hardest part right now is remaining patient. i’m anxious, excited and ready. and, at the same time, i know he needs to “cook” a little longer. i’ve started taking primrose oil (by taking, i mean the same way you “take” progesterone pills post IVF for those of you who have had that awesome pleasure). and, i’m walking/ellipitaling lots, eating loads of fresh pineapple and doing a few other things known to help stimulate labor. i want him to be nice and ready on the 11th (maybe even a day or two before!). i’m hormonal as hell too — last night i broke down in tears for no reason — just because.

my goal for the next two weeks is to enjoy this time. i want to cherish every kick, every nap, every pedicure, every moment doing “nothing”, time with friends and simply enjoying the end of what has been an amazing journey thus far. i feel beyond blessed as i think about how far we’ve come in just one year. our lives have changed and are changing even more in just a few short weeks. forever. and, i cannot wait.

hurry up little man. we can’t wait to meet you!

can’t wait to meet you!


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