changes ahead

it’s no secret, we love our pups. they’ve been our only kids for years. Flanagan has been with us through nearly our entire marriage — good times, bad times, scary times — she’s been by our side. i remember her knowing something was wrong every time we had an unsuccessful IVF and IUI. she’s a crazy hyper dog, but during those times she seemed to sense the need to be calm and sooth me. and, griff, well how can you not love that face? he’s just a sweet, sweet pup.

i know things are going to change in so many ways in a few weeks, and i know no one can prepare us for what is about to happen. i also know our relationship with our current “kids” will change some. but i like to think its going to evolve in happy ways. our little boy will grow up with two amazing pets/friends which i personally think is so special and warms my heart. yes, there will likely be some months of fewer walks and less attention, but we love our pups and that will never change!



One thought on “changes ahead

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