can’t wait to meet you!

i’ve officially been grounded. after my appointment yesterday, i’m >2cm dilated and about 80% effaced. and, per the doctor (our good friend), he is super low and in position ready to go. he said it could be any day. ANY DAY!!!??? whoa.

he doesn’t think i’ll go before our scheduled induction of 6/11, but you never know. until then, he requested i not travel any more. for a normal person, this may not sound like a big deal. for me, someone who burns up the road and easily covers 500+ miles per week, this is intense! i begged for one last trip to louisville today — my argument being that i would be meeting at/around hospitals all day for work (which was true!). he reluctantly agreed. so, today was my last work day in louisville — i had four back-to-back meetings, took my car for maintenance (and now want the loaner car i drove around!), ran by whole foods and TJ (edamame hummus and i are BFF right now), did beer/champagne stock up (i CAN’T wait for a glass of bubbly!), and even squeezed in a quick pure barre class (left before the ab work as it seems a little pointless at this stage!). after leaving at 7am and getting home at 7pm, i am 100% exhausted. i almost don’t even mind that i’m grounded from here on out. i’m not on bed rest or anything…he just doesn’t want me on the road as usual.

i have three days of work remaining (M-W next week) and then i’ll be off. it seems surreal that this is our reality. i remember thinking how far away maternity leave seemed and now it is nearly here.

this weekend could be our last weekend (or we may have one more?!). my mama is coming down tomorrow and we’re going to plant flowers, paint chairs, hit babies r us and lounge by the pool. the hubby is playing in a golf tourney all weekend (told him to get his fill now b/c our extra curricular activities are about to change!).

cheers to our (possible) last weekend without a child!

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