looking forward to

now that i’m merely a week away from meeting our little man, i’ve really started thinking about the things i’m excited about (beyond the obvious of meeting our little boy and discovering all that having a child entails, and becoming a family). i think i’ve covered this in numerous posts like here and here so this is more about the superficial things i am excited about. hey, i’m human.

i’m the first to admit, pregnancy has been good to me. i’ve had next to no sickness, zero swelling (knock on wood — one more week!), limited heartburn, moderate weight gain (mostly in belly), good energy, etc. i’ve been lucky. i thank the pregnancy gods for this — maybe they were giving me a little extra love for the immense pain and difficulty it took for us to get pregnant. i also think a lot of how i’ve felt as far as my energy has a lot to do with my attitude. i’m a go-go-go person. always have been and probably always will be. i was determined not to let pregnancy alter that. i let fertility treatments get me down too much and i was determined being pregnant was going to be a great experience. and it has been. i am a firm believer that when you feel so-so, sitting around makes it worse. i always feel better when i get up and go. and, that’s how i approached pregnancy. each day. there were some days better than others, but for the most part i have been able to consistently be active, work regularly, be social and live my ‘normal’ life. a blessing, i know.

that said, there are still some things about being pregnant i’m ready to do without. with a mere week remaining, here are a few of the things i am dreaming about…

* sleeping on my stomach — i cannot wait to face-plant into bed and sleep.

* laying in the sun on my stomach. i never really thought about it before, but you are basically stuck siting upright whenever at the pool, and that gets old! no lounging on your belly reading a book, no laying flat on your back (nausea – what?!). i know, i know…i probably won’t be at the pool much this summer BUT when i am i am going to lay on my belly and work on evening out my lopsided tan!

* normal clothes! yes, i’ve continued to rock my 5″ heels and bikini at 38 weeks pregnant (don’t judge — it may not be the best look but i’m doing it anyway), but oh i am dreaming about putting on real shorts/jeans with a button/zipper. i can’t wait to wear a fitted dress and be able to see my feet. i actually look forward to slipping into my work pencil skits. i know i have to give myself some time to get back into shape (can’t promise how patient i’m going to be with that!), but i am definitely looking forward to being able to grab and go from the closet instead of trying on the 10 items that fit and trying to make a new outfit out of it. again.

* running. i cannot wait to go on a long run (and by long, that will probably be like 3 miles in the beginning!). i miss it so much and hope my groin pain subsides rather quickly so i can pound some pavement.

* getting strong in my core again. i miss being able to do the full barre and pilates class b/c of modifications. i am very proud of myself for what i’ve been able to continue (i went to barre class today at 38 weeks pregnant) but i want to be able to work toward being strong and toned in my core again.

* cocktails. i am more than ready for a cocktail. while i’ve let myself have the occasional sip of wine or beer, i have yet to allow myself more than that. i just haven’t wanted to. i’m too scared. but, i am super excited about enjoying a chilled glass of champagne on the patio with friends post-baby. yum, yum, yum. (i’m not excited about my first hangover with a baby!).

* sushi. yes, i’ve eaten sushi pretty much 3-4x a week since i’ve been pregnant but ONLY the cooked/veggie stuff. i can literally taste sashimi at this point. our first date night / outing (with or without baby) will most definitely be for sushi.

but of all the things i’m looking forward to, i am going to miss one thing in particular even more. i am going to miss feeling my little buddy living inside of me. his kicks, his twitches, his heart beat…it’s quite frankly the BEST feeling. ever. i wish i could bottle it and share it with my husband and re-live it later. it’s pure and simple joy.


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