yum yum yum

i am now questioning every little thing that happens and/or is different from months/weeks past. every odd twinge, different feeling tightening/cramp, headache, odd craving/aversion, etc. makes me question if labor is on the way.

today, it started with a headache at the gym (which i rarely have), then followed with some pretty intense tightening episodes at walmart (where, ironically enough, the checker told me it looks like my baby “is going to fall out any day” — and she should know because she has three kids. i high-tailed it out of there — i do not want my child coming into hte world at wal-mart. shiver). after the gym/walmart experience, i came home to wrap up my final day of work before maternity leave. i thought (ha) it would be a leisurely day — not so much. conference calls, 600 emails, questions, needs, requests…they are rolling in still! i’m getting ready to turn my out of office reply on and check out (for at least 6 weeks) though!

in the midst of the chaos, i didn’t even realize i missed lunch (that NEVER happens with me — pregnant or not — i always know when it’s time for a meal!). is that another sign? i whipped myself up the only thing that sounded good — a HUGE green smoothie followed by a vat of watermelon. cold and refreshing — that’s all i can really stomach right now. even my normal lunches (turkey wraps, hummus, etc.) sounded terrible. i just want light, sweet and cold anything. it’s not terribly hot out either so i can’t help but question this. i hear your body knows when it’s about to go into labor…maybe this is it? or, it could be that i just had a strong need for a smoothie. very possible.

regardless, i think our boy is preparing to make his appearance. whether it’s this week or monday, he is most certainly ready to enter the world. and, we’re ready to meet him! personally, i’d like him to wait until after my hair appointment tomorrow because who knows when that could happen again.


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