almost there — last update

last week (37.5)

this week (38.5)

well, it’s looking like this is our last weekly update/picture. one thing is for sure — just in the past week, he has grown AND dropped (see pics above). this time next week, maybe i’ll take another picture and start to track my progress going back to my normal body sans belly. 🙂

anyway, rather than go through the whole parade of stats, here are the highlights.

my husband thinks he’s going to come any day. he made me put the “pad” under the sheet last night in case my water breaks during the night (would hate to void a tempurpedic warrenty!). yesterday i just felt different and he seems to be trying to kick his way out at this point. but, i feel remarkably good still!

tomorrow i have a dr. appt to check my status one last time before monday’s planned induction. again, i’m hoping he will decide to make his arrvial on his own over the weekend but we shall see. time can only tell.

now that work is over, i have the next few (?) days to relax (ha) and wrap up last minute things including a hair appointment, trip to babies r us, planning a wedding shower for my sister-in-law, putting up baby gates (more for the dogs are this point but we’ll need them for the baby soon enough), hopefully a last minute sushi date and a few other odds/ends. i’d love to squeeze in one more massage if i can, but pool time may take the cake.

otherwise, we’re just waiting. i am sad to miss out on a girls night in louisville to celebrate a few birthdays this evening but, i know it’s just not in the cards at this stage. and, i’m okay with that.

here is our final “update” picture (as well as last weeks to compare). crazy how much they grow at the end!


One thought on “almost there — last update

  1. Christine says:

    Lots of good vibes your way!!

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