things i’m loving

some things i’m loving…

what to expect when you’re expecting baby tracker app — awesome for tracking feedings (time, side, duration, etc.), diapers, etc. love this app.

mamaroo chair – amazing contraption that has the ability to calm him down (when nothing else does)

bob marley lullaby CD – eli loves to dance to this

iced coffee – never before has it been so important! don’t worry — just a cup a day. just enough to kick start my day with my boy.

footless long sleeve sleeper onsies (not sure what they are called) but they rock. they are great for nighttime so you don’t have to unbutton anything and they have the little mittens to cover his hands so he doesn’t paw himself all night.

la croix grapefruit sparkling water. yum. more than yum. i am SO thirsty as baby boy is sucking me dry (and i’m okay with it!).

pampers swaddlers — do not, I repeat, do NOT, buy huggies for a boy! They suck! After a week of swaddlers, I had to break into my huggies stash. I bought a box of each to see what worked. 2 hours and 4 outfit changes later I decided we are officially a pampers swaddlers family. We even headed to babies r us this evening (our first outing besides the doctor) to stock up! A glimpse of what happens with Eli in huggies…



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