a big day

a big day has an all new meaning in this household (at least for me). a shower AND washing my hair is a big day. getting out of my pj’s before noon – great day. eating breakfast before 10am – awesome. making it to target AND lunch at panera with my little sidekick – epic.

today we ventured out together. i kinda like to think of today as a dry run since my mom was along to help (thank goodness). i was actually really nervous about taking eli with me by myself, in my car. what if i get in a bind and don’t know what to do? how do i pee when he’s with me? what do i do if there isn’t a changing station in the bathroom (change him in the booth at panera is the answer to that), etc. even though we had a helper (thanks gram), i consider today’s adventure a huge success. we made it to target and got everything on our list (although i did have to run back in while my mom hung out with him in the car to get something i forgot!). and, we lunched at panera — he ate under the “hooter hider” while i devoured my salad with one hand. i’m becoming a great one-handed eater. we made a few other stops (where i ran in and mom stayed in the car with eli) and made it home safely before the next feeding.

a huge success! and totally exhausting/wonderful at the same time. i think i’m now ready to venture out alone with little man as my partner in crime. he is just too cool for words.

our first (of MANY) target trips. he’s a fan.

home safely from our adventures!


One thought on “a big day

  1. Mo says:

    I love reading your posts and heAring how things are going. This is about a week and a half away for me! BTW, you look amazing (and so tiny already) you must have been “all baby.”

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