our birth story

before the details become blurry and distorted in my slightly overwhelmed “new mom” mind, i want to document our birth story of baby eli. i hope someday he can read this and picture his entrance into the world. it was beautiful and more amazing than i could have dreamed.

i didn’t have a birth plan. my thought was, why have a birth plan when in reality anything can happen during labor/delivery. my only goal was for eli to arrive and be healthy. that’s all. oh, and i wanted an epidural. so, i suppose you could say my “birth plan” was 1) healthy baby/mama and 2) epidural.

i really had no other expectations, but achieved both of these and so much more.

we arrived at the hospital at 4:45am on monday, june 11th. it sounds early, but we were ready way before that time. sleep didn’t really happen the night before (shocking, i know). we got checked in and settled in our room and started what we thought was going to be a pretty long day. i crunched on ice chips and wintergreen mints (all the while wishing for a snack) while the nurses came in and hooked up my iv (which took a bit thanks to my freezing cold room and therefore tiny veins), checked my status (3cm/90%) and attached me to the monitors to view baby eli’s stats. i was having contractions already — minor but they were happening. around 7am my doctor/friend came in and broke my water and started the pitocin on a low dosage. he said it would likely be mid afternoon before the big show started so to relax and hang out. shortly thereafter the contractions really started picking up — one after another (pitocin does this). we were trying to watch bill cosby’s blurb on labor (hysterical) and i kept having to make pk stop it when i had a contraction b/c it hurt too much to laugh during them.

around 8:15 they asked if i wanted the epidural. i wanted it…but i felt like a complete wuss with it being so early in the morning and knowing we had a long day ahead. however, my next contraction came and i quickly decided to go ahead and get the epidural. i can officially say i know what contractions feel like — they hurt and i was ready for that to go away. especially if i was going to be there all day!

around 8:30, the anesthesiologist came in and administered the epidural — which by the way only took on the right side. immediately i had no feeling on my right side but the left was most certainly still feeling pain. i was a tad concerned as i envisioned a very long day made longer by pain, but oh well.

at 8:45 my (awesome) nurse came in to put in my catheter, check my status and work on the epidural. we never made it to the third step. she got a funny look on her face when she checked me and said, ‘um, we’re ready’. i replied naively, ‘ready for what?’. she said, ‘ready to have a baby!’.

um, what?!?!

pk had gone downstairs to meet my mom and dad — they had come “early” to wait out the arrival. and we’re sure glad they did! the nurse told me to call pk and she was going to get the doctor — we were having a baby.

the next thing i knew, the room was spinning as people were prepping for delivery — lights, stirrups, the works (still with no epidural on the left side). at 9am i was told to push. i pushed with all my strength…i wanted to meet my little boy. they saw the head and let me feel it! i suddenly recalled what my friend tiffany told me when we were talking about labor. she said if i could just give it a few really strong pushes once his head was near, he would come out. after all, years of core strengthening work have to come in handy at some point, right? well, she was right. i pushed two more times and with the awesome encouragement of my husband and the delivery team, healthy baby eli entered the world at 9:12am.

from there, the rest is history. and memories. we were fortunate enough to be able to experience kangaroo care where they literally put your child on you immediately after they are delivered — they place them skin-to-skin on your chest for two hours. eli latched on to my breast within seconds and nursed for the next two hours. it was beautiful pk and i were alone for a good hour where we cried, laughed, kissed and embraced the time we had with our new, perfect baby boy. it was truly the most memorable and amazing moment of my entire life. i will never forget the moment i first laid eyes on eli and felt him in my arms.

“love at first sight” is most certainly a very real and very true feeling. something i never thought possible was here and real.

and now, the next beautiful chapter begins.

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