belly buttons, doctors and vomit

it’s been a busy and interesting day at “eli’s crib” (the term my husband has coined our home for Facebook purposes).

this morning i found Eli’s bellybutton in his diaper! you know what this means — bath time! tonight he gets a real bath vs the sponge baths he despises. here’s to hoping he likes the real thing better. we shall see!

after taking a mini walk and eating (again), we were greeted with a super sick pup. Flanagan apparently licked up a tad too much bug spray (they sprayed this morning — but it is supposedly non toxic for dogs and people). Eli and I chilled upstairs for a few hours while it dried to be on the safe side, but Flanagan treated herself to some licks. and she (and I) paid for it by cleaning up puke for the next two hours. it was interesting to say the least — juggling trying to clean up flanagan’s issues while simultaneously soothing/feeding/holding a newborn. by by the end of it I was frazzled (and sweaty/gross). fortunately Pk came home and let me shower while he held down the crib. and I can happily report Flanagan seems a little better. we are down 2 rolls if paper towels but it’s all good if that’s the worst thing that happens!

last but not least, we had a super successful trip to the doctor today. it was our two week visit and our fingers were crossed he was back to his birth weight. and, he is!! we’ve actually packed on a whole pound in a week and he weighed in at 6lbs 15oz!! I am so proud of him! and, to be totally honest, i’m pretty damn impressed with my body for providing what he needs. it’s pretty amazing and beautiful. and, we got the thumbs up to space out his feedings a bit (yippee for mommy- I can get a pedicure!) and let him sleep as long as he will at night (which will probably be less than 2hours – ha!). we shall see!

so, i am deeming our first real full day “alone” pretty good! and now, we’re off to eat (again), read and “play”.




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