oh what a night (and morning)

lots of memories happening at eli’s crib. last night we tried the crib for the first time (well beyond the 5 minute increments here and there). he’s been sleeping in a rock ‘n play next to our bed thus far. to our surprise he slept soundly from 9pm-12am in the crib ( of course i slept none b/c i obsessively watched the video monitor and kept sneaking in to CE sure he was breathing). he woke up at midnight ready to eat. but par for the course, he sucked for 5 minutes then dozed off. And do did i (side note — middle of the night feedings cannot happen in my bed anymore — too cozy for kith of us!). We woke up at 1:15 an tried to eat a little more but finally i put him back in his crib. he was NOT a fan. he wailed. Pk went to get him and soothe him for me. no go. after 20 minutes i fed him again (really felt like a feedbag last night if you can’t tell!) and put him in the rock n’ play. after all, i needed done shut eye too! Around 4 he woke up again and this time we went to the nursery to eat. he ate well and i rocked him into a nice milk coma before gently placing him in the crib. and he slept until 7:20! again, i got little/no sleep though b/c i watched the damn monitor like a hawk. but he at least had a semi productive first crib night.

when i got him out of his crib this morning (feeling a tad tired due to pretty much zero sleep) i noticed his back was wet. diaper leak? Sweat? I had no idea…and then i smelled it and it reeked of spit up. NOT a good smell to start the day! so, i stripped him down and proceeded to feed him. well, apparently that was only the start of the spit-ups for the day because he proceeded to have a pretty intense spit up session again all over himself and me. and, when I took his diaper off for an early a.m. bath to wash off the stink, he proceeded to pee all over me and the bathroom. i must admit, it was comical. but, we got cleaned up and had a nice morning stroll and nap (for him — while I did a barre video!).

Honestly, despite our day starting off a little crazy, i didn’t/don’t mind a bit. this is all part of it — and it’s all worth it. every spit up covered shirt i wear and smelly hair day (yes he always manages to land some in my hair –especially post-shower). i am loving every bit of it.




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