I could not say it any better

i love fitness magazine. well, i love all magazines but that’s beside the point. i ventured back to the gym this week for the first time since eli’s arrival (no running yet but i can do low impact elliptical machine and Pilates, etc – yay!). anyway, i devoured the new issue of fitness while there — it seems there is no time for magazine reading at home these days and my old days of pool lounging are long gone for the time being. it was pure bliss to have 30 minutes by myself on the elliptical — sweating out my exhaustion and indulging in a glorious magazine. i found these two tidbits in the latest issue and LOVE what they say. i couldn’t have said it any better. since having eli i have been making every effort to be mindful of what my body just did — it created the most beautiful person and now continues to nourish him. I’m the first to admit i have body issues (like most girls), but i’m being as patient as possible with my new post-pregnancy body and appreciating what it has gone through. and now i’m off to finish my new favorite chocolate bar.





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