showers and bubbly

we had a wee bit of a bumpy start this a.m. due to a super cute, demanding little man who wanted only to eat and be held (repeat many times). my goal for the day (after promptly tossing aside my lengthy to-do list that I knew was far too lofty) was to shower, meet some girls/kids for lunch and make it to a barre class (my first time back!). still lofty but seemed doable. that is, until i tried to shower. epic fail. tears, wailing, flailing occurred every time i sat him in the bouncy chair (note: he was dry, full and not hurting — he just wanted to be held). finally, i forced myself to get in the shower (30 minutes later) – he cried and i cried. Fastest shower ever. i was about to call and cancel my lunch plans as i was now dripping wet with a screaming child and needed to meet them in 30 minutes. i decided to quickly dry the front of my hair so I didn’t feel/look like a wet dog and low and behold, Eli LOVED the hairdryer. he almost immediately hushed and stared. needless to say, the hairdryer stayed in far longer than it took to dry my hair! i was also informed by a friend there is a hairdryer app — it is now downloaded! who knew!

so, we made it to lunch! Eli was great and i fed him while there (one handed eating is now officially easy). and, we even made it back to my friends house for a glass (or two) of bubbly. love mommy cocktail club (my new name for midday mommy juice)! I could have easily polished off 1/2 a bottle but abstained — after all Eli is still only on the boob.

then, the biggest feat of the day — i managed to leave Eli for almost 3 hours to drive to bowling green for my first post-baby barre class. the class was tough physically (and awesome!), but emotionally it was harder than anything I’ve done. Leaving my boy for that long for the first time was hard, but i’m so thankful for a great husband and inlaws who watched him. he was fine and i even managed to pick us up a healthy panera dinner on the way home.

as hard as it was to be away, it was great as well. i loved on him bunches upon arriving home (and bathed him, read to him, fed him, etc). i think little outings are key to keeping my sanity and being a good mom.

and now i’m off to figure out our goals tomorrow (laundry, baby announcements, grocery, 4th of july party) and try to get some shut eye!




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