social butterfly

mr. eli is a social little butterfly. shocking based on his parents, i know. he really has no choice in the matter…he’s bound to enjoy people and activity! anyway, he’s already been on a road trip, to a bar ( it was dinner time – don’t judge), a birthday party, a fourth of July party and tonight we have another holiday party. pop him in the bjorn and we’re good to go. he’s a trooper and just goes with the flow. and Pk and I are doing the same. feed him in a bar – why not?!

we got home pretty late last night but little man got some good zzz while at the party. regardless, we’ve definitely decided we need to start working on a little more of a routine. not a strict schedule (we like life too much for that — I may eat my words later), but at least a little more routine 5 nights a week. so, that’s my goal for the next two weeks. we’ve tackled the crib (thanks to the “swaddle me” miracle blanket), so now we’re going to tackle sone semblance of a routine. again, we’re social butterflies too so we don’t want to be rigid — a flexible routine is what we’re going to strive for. wish us luck!

happy fourth!



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