Record night and a pupdate

well, we had a first last night…eli slept 6 straight hours! i gave him a little snack around 10:15 (after we got home from the party, fed him, bathed him, etc.) and put him down. in his crib (and swaddle me blanket, of course). the next thing I knew it’s 4:15 and my boobs were rocks. he ate (and I pumped) and he went back to sleep until 7. I feel like a million bucks! we went on an early a.m. walk, played and he took a great morning nap allowing me to do laundry (gotta wash the swaddle me!) and even paint my nails. an epic morning! here’s to hoping the is a new regular occurance!

and now for a pupdate. as we were warned, the dogs have definitely gotten a little less attn in the past 3 weeks. however, don’t be alarmed — weve also been over compensating and letting them have a little more freedom (i.e. flanagan now officially had a chair at the dining room table.). on top of the new addition (Eli) the nasty heat wave has prevented us from being able to let them join in walks, spend a lot of time outdoors, etc. I guess that also makes them lucky pups — we give them plenty of a/c, water, food and shade. not a bad life, all things considered. oh, and lots of PB kongs. they have been absolutely superb with Eli. we knew Flanagan would be — she’s always been good with kids, but we were a bit nervous about griff. he just doesn’t know his size and strength. turns out, he loves eli and gets all worked up when he’s upset. he lays at the gate in front of the nursery doorway and just watches us. it is precious!

and, a couple of friends and their one-year-old came over for dinner last week. the dogs were excellent with him too — baby cook was kissing griff and it didn’t bother griff at all! this makes my heart smile — i love kids who grow up with dogs.

cheers to a lovely day!




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