hitting the wall

first and foremost, it was a fluke. the amazing 6-hour stretch of sleep that blissfully happened wednesday night, did not by any stretch of the imagination repeat itself last night. in fact, it was quite the opposite — it was actually our worst night yet. little man was a gas machine (note to self – onions and garlic are removed from my diet effective immediately) and he was up/hungry/gassy/crying EVERY two hours. 11, 1, 3, 5, 7. and and he didn’t go back to sleep after the 5. needless to say it’s been a LONG day. and it was too hot to go on walks/errands/pool etc. so we ate, we danced to journey lullabyes, we did tummy time, we read books, we napped (very sparsely), we paced laps around the house. it was eventful. and despite being nearly catatonic, i still loved it. he’s just so damn amazing. he’s changing so much right now and while i am 100% exhausted I also hate missing a moment.

however, when my amazing mother-in-law offered to watch him for a couple hours tonight, i happily agreed (we are so blessed). Dinner date? Cocktails? Exercise? Shower? What to do?! well, i showered. a long, hot, amazing shower. and we grilled a simple dinner and watched some mad men. perfection. and i tried out my new handy dandy pumping bra (wow it would be kinky looking if it weren’t for breastfeeding and quite disturbing). a perfectly blissful two hours. and now I’m ready to see my little man again. and, hoping/praying for another 6-hour night!


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