dirty business

this actually isn’t a post about poop, despite the title. although I could certainly share some stories about that. let’s just say that eli has quite the belly issues — he’s gassy (as most breastfed babies are) and in the terms used at our house has quite frequent “ass explosions” and “sharts”. before we went to our first doctor appt, my husband informed me we had to clean up our terminology in front of the physician and needed to modify our language to “BM” and “smear”. noted. but at home, they remain ass explosions and sharts!

anyway, enough of the ramble. this post really isn’t (or wasn’t) about poo!

this week, we have some dirty business to accomplish. we have been so far from a schedule up until now and i’m afraid we’ve developed some bad habits. Primarily on the eating front. yes, he’s gained weight (and that is what is truly important), but now that we know we’re on the right track it’s time for mommy and daddy to implement at least some semblance of a schedule for our own sanity. at 4 weeks (which he is tomorrow!) he should be eating every 2.5-3 hours during the day and up to 4-5 at night. Well, we’re far from that. Eli is a snacker. like his mama, he much prefers grazing all day vs square meals. and now we’re created an eating machine. he wants to eat every hour sometimes during the day — and we let him. often he uses my boob as a pacifier only sucking for a couple minutes and falling asleep. when he cries and we know he’s clean, we assume he’s hungry (which isn’t always the case). and, we also have trouble keepin him awake for “wake time” after eating. so, in essence, we have gotten into some poor habits.

fortunately, he’s young and it should (should!!!) take only a few days of working hard to modify these habits (that’s what the books say). I’m not relying on one specific method — i think many have their merits and i’m trying to take some ideas from each to create something that works for us. babywise, happiest baby on the block and the baby whisper are my three main tools.

our goal — establish eating pattern of 2.5-3 hours during day and follow the eat/activity/sleep method during the day. this is harder than it sounds as we have a little boy who likes to sleep after filling his belly. it’s quite tempting to let him when you’re feelin a tad sleep deprived yourself!

this should result in him sleeping better/longer increments at night (the two hour thing at night just sucks royally!) and help get him in a routine of not using me as a paci and/or needing to eat to fall asleep.

so, that’s my goal this week. may sound easy but I’m pretty sure this may be the hardest hurdle yet. stay tuned. and feel free to share advice!




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