Day one – babywise(ish)

so, yesterday we started trying out a routine for Eli. as i shared, i’ve maybe created a wee bit of a bad habit by letting him snack vs get full meals and not really following the eat/activity/sleep method making naps and nighttime sorta crazy. we attempted day 1 of modifying that yesterday. and I’m BEAT. but it went pretty well and he slept from 11p until 3a and then got up again at 6:30a. And he ate every 2.5 hours up until the 5pm feed when he started every 2 hours. i paid attn to his cues and he genuinely seemed hungry so succumbed to the 2 hour increments (i will not let him be hungry!). Later in the day milk supply is lower so this makes sense. I’ll take it.

Pk didn’t get home until 7ish and when he did i was thankful to snatch an hour or so alone. i wanted to hit the gym (since Eli would not let me do the workout video i had attempted earlier in the day) but i was too exhausted. i couldn’t even keep a conversation. so i sat on my bed and stared at the tv while texting my new mom girlfriends letting them know i was canceling my planned trip to Louisville today.

sad news, but necessary. i crave their friendship and advice right now but at the same time 1) i maybe was a tad ambitious about an all day trip alone with Eli with a packed day (three friend meet ups, grocery run and facial). 2) we’re one (sorta hellish) day into the schedule — i’d rather not screw it up today and have to start it again tomorrow. if i can hunker down for 3-4 days maybe we can get it a little better. 3) i don’t really trust myself on the road late at night right now. i’m just plain tired! 4) i am craving a routine and willing to give up small pleasures to see if we can create it.

and so i sadly postponed the day trip in lieu of Eli’s schedule. but i got some good advice from the three new mom friends who have 3 month olds. their advice– hang in there! 🙂 they understand!

off to have some “wake” time with my boy!


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