one. month.

i really can’t get over how beautiful and amazing eli is. and, even more I cannot believe he has only been part of our life for one month. he has added so much joy, love and amazement to our already wonderful and full lives — it’s simply impossible to describe.

“people” say you will wonder what you talked about and did before your baby. I sorta disagree. i know what i did and it still seems strange to have someone else running my life vs me running it. the reality of things not going as planned is probably the single most difficult thing for me. i can recall spontaneous trips to bowling green and Louisville, exercise classes, grocery runs, pool trips, mani/pedis, showers that include shaving, etc. and while I love all these aforementioned things, i am so happy to give them up for the time being. Eli had brought a fullness to our life and marriage that is so deep and perfect. the days are long and the nights are longer (but flying by at the same time — how is it already 6pm and how is he a month old?!), I wouldn’t want it any other way.

as Eli slept on my chest this afternoon in the moby wrap (I figured it out thanks to Facebook and YouTube!), i could literally feel all the stress and exhaustion melt away. he is perfection.





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