1st road trip. lessons as we go

we are most certainly new parents. yesterday we embarked on our first (substantial) road trip with Eli….a trek to Atlanta to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. after departing a mere hour after our intended time (which has recently become “on time” for us), we were on our way with a FULL Tahoe. pk jokingly (?!) said we can’t have more kids because we completely filled up the Tahoe with one. and we didn’t even have to haul a pack-n-play, rock-n- play, etc. because my brother had them. as expected, the normal 4.5 hour trip took an estimated 6.5 hours. and he was excellent the entire ride with the exception of the last 15 minutes (hungry and dirty diaper = bad combo). we had two diaper explosions / outfit changes and an epic mistake of visiting chick-fil-a for lunch (and to feed him) and it happened to be “cow appreciation day” so everyone and their mother was there dressed like a cow for free chicken. we were all over stimulated! but all in all, the travels were superb.

however, our arrival and evening in Atlanta, not so much. despite trying to keep his eating/sleeping routine in the car, he was just worked up (and possibly pissed at us?!) for being in his car seat most of the day and being just out of sorts. he was a beast. he cried
For nearly 4 hours…pk and I kept rotating who had to sit upstairs and rock with him in the vibrating chair (thank goodness we added that to our carload at the last minute). after several hours of tears and fussing, we finally got him to sleep and had a somewhat decent night. i sincerely fear i’ve screwed up ALL the hard work we did on his schedule this week — and really, really hoping that is not the case.

regardless, the lessons learned thus far:

hope for the best.

plan for and expect the worst.

go with the flow and don’t get worked up.

be flexible.

and last but not least, locate nearest liquor store (p.m.) and Starbucks (a.m).

cheers to a happy rest of our mini vaca!


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