one of my favorite things

long days are often followed by long nights around here these days. it’s all part of the game. i actually can’t believe Eli is 5 weeks old — meaning I haven’t slept more than 4 hours straight in that long! this is currently my excuse for anything/everything. all in all, i think we are handling it quite well — minus the few emotional meltdowns i’ve had. that’s natural (I think/hope). yesterday was one of those — more on that in another post. it has to do with our “other kids”.

anyway, this is just meant to be a simple/short post. my all time favorite thing right nowis the first morning feeding (often done in bed snuggling). his little squirms and stretches and faces are just too cute for words (or photos for that matter)! he stretches and groans and grunts. it’s freaking adorable. then he snoozes on my chest. pure bliss.




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