some sound advice

today has been a nice chill day. a rainy morning meant Eli and i snoozed/cuddled until nearly 8am. and then instead of launching into our morning (heading out on a walk is one of the first things we usually do after he eats), we lingered and danced and just talked. we eventually went for a late morning stroll to the farmers market for some zucchini (obsessed with these a brownies!! i mean they are practically breakfast material — and were today). then we headed over to a champagne lunch with two girlfriends. perfect day. and despite not getting to mark off much (anything) on my to-do list (which grows by the day), it’s been a fabulous Friday. i am quickly realizing work/reality is around the corner (next week one day a week for 6 weeks then back to normal) and I want to embrace all the special moments with my lil’ man, myself AND my friends.

so as i pedal away on the elliptical (yes i am at the gym after a few cocktails…I’m a mom now and have to take my chance when i can!), i found this especially ironic and profound. THIS is so important and i am not good at doing this (obviously since I’m reading and posting this while at the gym). so, the top of my to do list for the next 6 weeks before i start back to my “real” normal is to unplug more often. live in the moment and not always plan for the next one. i am toasting to that….



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