Baby talk

yesterday was great. i mean every day is a great day because we have eli, but yesterday we had a fun playdate and mommy date. a friend had her baby 2 days after Eli so we got together for a stroll, lunch and conversation (about all things milk/labor/sleeping/bleeding/tearing/feeding/gas). a year ago (hell, 3 months ago) i was clueless about any if this and would sit dumbfounded when conversations on any of these topics came up (and they did, a lot). but now i get it. i get why moms are consumed with talking about all things baby — you live/breathe/eat/sleep based on your baby. whether you are on a “schedule” or not, they run your life (in a good way) and it is 100% consuming and confusing. when you are around other moms it’s so comforting to get input and share stories on what works/doesn’t work/etc. i apologize for my past annoyance with friends constantly talking about their babies and kids. and i apologize for now being one of those moms. i still do not ever forget that it is sincerely painful for those trying desperately to conceive and i continue to try and be mindful of that. but i am not perfect and it’s just so damn hard not to talk about the one thing that consumes you. even Pk sometimes is ready to put a muzzle on me.

and so, my friend and i got a good fill of baby talk. and the boys got a chance to meet too. all in all, a great day!

and today has been a day of a lot less baby talk. it’s been a “mommy” day with a hair appointment, barre class and now my 6-week follow-up doctor appt. gram is visiting and getting her fill of Eli time and giving me some needed “mer” time.




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