meltdowns and pancakes

well, two nights in a row we’ve been back in our major meltdown mode. from 5-9ish he is simply a mess with the only things soothing him being walks in the stroller and eating. this happened sat night at his aunt lala’s wedding shower and again last night. really hoping it’s just a growth spurt because his meltdowns are amazing and painful for all! it breaks my heart when I know he’s fed, clean, burped and not hurting — just tired, gassy and fussy. breaks my heart. and so we strolled 3x yesterday afternoon/evening while we gave daddy the night off to go see the dark night (he has been awesome at giving me girl/me time too so no need to be annoyed).

the upside to these pretty painful evenings — he has slept amazing both nights. he has gone down at 9:30 with only one wake-up at 4 and then slept both days until 8am! wow! i guess if I have to choose, I’ll take the fussy evening for a night of sleep!

on another note, i must mention an important moment in his life that happened over the weekend. his daddy will want him to remember this so it must be included. Eli had his first experience with pancakes (and pampers:) in Nashville with a visit to the infamous pancake pantry. me, not so much a fan, but I always take one for the team since Pk simply loves it and was so excited to introduce lil’ man to it (although clearly he only got some sweet potato pancakes and a veggie omlet secondhand). it won’t be long before he’ll be there sampling it firsthand. i can’t help but wonder if he’ll be like his daddy and go for the chocolate chip cakes, or be a healthy eater like his mama and prefer the sweet potato?! I’m hoping the latter!



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