a blur of a week

that’s what the past few days have been for us! not in a bad way, just in a “oh-my-gosh-we-have-been-nonstop” sort of way. i thought this week/end was going to be low key (and anti social) but ends up it’s been pretty busy. i worked monday, headed to Nashville with a friend tuesday, took eli to louisville wednesday (baby + facial = not good) and then we kicked off the weekend early with a jewelry party at a friends house Thursday eve. after my accidental shopping spree earlier in the week i vowed not to make any purchases…but a fussy baby in your arms will sometimes make you do crazy things. so, retail therapy won out and i have a gorge new necklace on the way (shhhh). then, yesterday we started our day with errands followed by a long lunch playdate (with bubbles – yes) with some friends. always good to have some mommy time and bubbly. and, no, that wasn’t the reason for the blurring — i’m uber responsible when breastfeeding! pk golfed late and by the time we bathed/fed him last night I did some pilates studying and crashed. then, this morning we almost bought a house. yes, that’s what i said. Eli almost had a new room before even getting comfy in his current one! a house pk adores was up for auction. we looked at it a couple weeks ago and, while amazing, i just wasn’t sold. to he honest, the thought of moving and remodeling right now with a newborn, getting ready to start work back and embarking on this Pilates training course was enough to basically give me zits and insomnia (this says a lot considering i LOVE to decorate and remodel). ends up my stress was pointless as the house/land ended up going for more than our high point. pk is a little depressed but i think when the time is right, we will find one. in the meantime, i love our little home. it’s finally where I like it decor-wise and that would be hard to leave! i want to enjoy it a few more years — or until we need more space (if we ever do).

anyway, enough of the tangent and back to Eli. he was the star of the auction — sleeping in the bjorn the whole time like a champ. we just never know with him (earlier this week i tried taking him to a facial and Pilates class — epic fail — more on those later!). but yesterday girls lunch and today at the auction, he was perfection. i honestly think it has something to do with being outdoors. he just LOVES being outside. it seems to soothe him in a way that nothing else can. even when it’s balls-to-the-wall hot and humid, he seems to love it (this he definitely gets from me — I’ll gladly choose outside any day!). so, it looks like we will be doing more patio dining/outdoor activities–works for me!

all in all, it’s been a great week with lots and lots going on. looking forward to some chill time with my boys tonight.

i’ll close with a few pics from the week….









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