a few firsts

a short and simple post to share a few firsts for eli this week. i hope to catch up this weekend on some good posting (although not sure when since we have friends coming in all weekend and will surely be having too much fun to post!).

1) eli had his first tv debut! he joined me to our local tv station for volunteer work i do with BRAWA (animal shelter). he had a little on-air appearance in his BRAWA handkerchief. he stole the show.


2) tie-die love — Eli rocked his first tie-die frock from his dear “aunt” sara. too cute. yes, he should be a baby model (and i might be biased).

3) finally the weather was conducive to take Eli to the pool (after 8 weeks of mind-numbing heat). and, he LOVED it! we had a great time floating and splashing with our boy. at least we have a couple more weeks before the pool closes!




4) and last but not least, mr. eli just slept for SEVEN hours straight (and went back down after a quick snack!). if only i had gone down at 9:15pm (instead of 12:15am) too! let’s hope this 7 hour + event is part of our new “schedule”!

i think that’s all for now (well, not really but all i can manage tonight. cheers to a happy friday and weekend with a great friends (and eli’s girlfriend, spencer!).


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