i’m bringing back obsession posts from pregnancy. breastfeeding (and sleep deprivation) apparently cause major food/drink addictions too! and i have some goodies to share (mostly drinks as I cannot consume enough liquid these days). this morning i woke up to a bedside table revealing two empty vitamin waters (loving the glow flavor from my first trimester again!), one empty water bottle, one empty la croix (see below) and an empty glass of water. one would think i had a crazy night of drinking/partying with that hydration lineup. but alas, it was just a normal night of pre-bed and middle of the night beverages! the recycling in our community has quadrupled since I’ve been breastfeeding. and, our fridge looks like we are back in college since its 80% drinks and condiments. the difference is they are not all alcoholic drinks (only some are!).

here are some faves:

vitamin water zero glow flavor – back with a vengeance from pregnancy!

la croix canned sparkling water – i. am. Obsessed. as in 4-5 cans a day. the coconut flavor is simply out of control yummy. and lime and grapefruit take a close second.

earth fare orange vanilla sparking water — my girlfriend brought this down last week and it is divine! tomorrow i’ll be making a stop at EF while in Louisville to load up. think creamsicle in a can with bubbles!

iced coffee with almond milk- this is almost a necessity and not just a like. i must have a cup or two to get me going in the morning (or keep me going from being up half the night)! and, yes, i am picky (so is pk)…we prefer highland coffee ground force beans (chocolate coconut infused beans — to die for!).

trader joe’s $6.99 prosecco. screw top. pure class but actually quite yummy!!! don’t judge until you’ve tried it. Perhaps it’s not hydrating but sometimes a mom (and any girl for that matter) just needs some bubbly!

ithink that’s all as far as my drink obsessions currently. of course i have more than a few chocolate obsessions as well…ole’ faithful- trader joes sea salt dark chocolate almonds are still a top pick (great for middle of the night pumping since they are semi “healthy”!). and a new favorite that i am just discovering…ghiradellli dark choc squares w/ caramel and sea salt. Yum! Almost as good as the tj version ( not quite but in a pinch). and lastly, the almond butter zucchini brownies that i just cannot get enough of….they rock warm, cool, frozen, etc. so good and chock full of veggies, healthy fats and protein!

I’ve made myself thirsty and needing chocolate from this post …off to rectify this!






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