sun baby

i’ve been MIA recently — lots going on with visitors, travels, doctor appts, work and, of course, trying to figure out the ever changing world of a two-month old. i have a post started that i’ve been trying to finish for a solid week now (yes i accidentally hit publish when it was blank, hence the blank post that i just haven’t taken down. sorry!)…hopefully tomorrow it will happen! but, in the meantime, i want to talk about our sun baby.

we are very much still learning about Eli. just when we think we’ve figured something out and have a semi-schedule, BAM, it changes. but, we seem to have one consistent (well a few if you count baths and the swaddle me blanket at night– but lately those are a crapshoot too) that seems to do the trick more often than not when nothing else will soothe incessant fussing.

the sun.

eli is most certainly his mother’s child in this respect — he LOVES being outside. nothing works 100% of the time, but if i had to pick one thing that consistently helps fussy times it involves being outside. walking in the stroller, sitting on the patio, walking the perimeter of our house and doing some (very short) “sun bathing” (as in stand in the sun for a few moments — we are not tanning him, i promise! he really is jut dark complected!).

anyway, the sweet relief from the 100 degree weather in the past week or two has been perfection. longer, more frequent strolls, more patio sitting/feeding — it’s been great. and it’s great for mama too — i always have and always will prefer outdoors to indoors (when it’s warm/cool — NOT cold!). i’m super excited for fall weather around the corner (and fearful of cold this winter — we may have to “winter” in Florida!).

more later. off to feed the boy…outside!



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