time flies (and i forget to post!)

this is a catch up post — i’ve seriously been writing it for over a week. what can i say…. life. is. busy. and i refuse to let “blogging” stress me out (trying to let go of my old OCD tendencies!). so, i’m behind and that’s just fine. over the course of the past few weeks we’ve had a lot happen….too much to write about all of it in length (and let’s be honest – I can’t recall a lot of things) but here is a laundry list:

-eli turned two months old! it seems like yesterday we were bringing him home and at the same time it seems like forever ago when i was sitting on our back patio trying to “get the hang” of breastfeeding. each day brings a new adventure and challenge and, while 100% exhausting, it is definitely the most amazing time of my life. with each day he does new things — new noises, new expressions, new movements — it’s so cool to watch someone change daily. we are really getting to know each other now and he is just the best little buddy ever. my world is complete and stresses go away when he smiles and coos at me. i simply melt.

– we had an awesome weekend with friends visiting from louisville two weekends ago. Tiffany, Thomas, their adorable 5 month old daughter (eli’s girlfriend) and puppy stayed the weekend. the boys played in a weekend-long golf tourney (which they won) while the girls/babies/dogs hung out (i.e.Drank champagne, went on long walks and talked 100mph in fragmented conversations). it is simply awesome to have a best friend who is in the same stage of life — i only wish they lived closer but so thankful for the time we did get. oh and just a reminder for myself — next time we have two breastfeeding moms together for weekend, I need to buy stock in coconut la croix (pretty sure we drank 50). 🙂

– we officially had and passed the first parenthood “test” — we had tickets to an awesome outdoor, riverfront convert (Mumford and sons) las week in Louisville…but lil’ man just wasn’t quite right. coming off the weekend of company and a day in Louisville (he stayed with a dear friend while i attended my Pilates training). we planned on taking Eli to the concert (love the bjorn) but in the end decided he needed a night at home with some routine and cuddles. and so we passed our first “change of plans” test… and life went on!

– daddy/hubby had a birthday! we celebrated pk’s 39th bday by skipping the aforementioned concert and whipping up some (box) ghiradellli double chocolate brownies (which i underbaked AND cut all the crusts off of to make it at least semi special!). honestly, despite being a rather “different” bday, i think he loved just spending it with his favorite dude.

– he had his first shots! and, he was a major trooper! the appointment went well and he “passed” all his milestones. in fact, he cooed and talked more for the first time really while there…clearly he’s a people pleaser when it comes to teachers/superiors. ihave a feeling he’s gonna be the little “teacher pet by day, lil’ devil by night”….like his daddy!

honestly i know i have skipped some major things but i just don’t know what…so i’m ending with some pics. he has more than completed our happy family.









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