this is a somewhat desperate plea for help. we are officially in a terrible sleeping pattern at night and i am willing to try pretty much anything to get us back to where we were 3 weeks ago (getting up 1x a night vs 3-4x which we are currently doing). he’s almost 12 weeks old now so he should be able to sleep much longer increments (and i know he can since he has in the past!). we’ve tried a multitude of things including the latest of keeping his daytime routine/naps more consistent (and no longer allowing 4+ hour morning naps), keeping him super stimulated from 5-7pm prior to his “bedtime routine” which consists of feeding him, bathing him, topping him off, swaddling and putting down. he goes down great (knock on wood), and typically goes back to sleep after (each) middle of the night feed. the issue is the shear number of times he is getting up at night. i’m talking 3-4x between 11:30pm and 7am. i am dying. suggestions?!?

sorry for typos and/or grammar snafus …it’s 5am, this is my 3rd time being up since 11pm and i’m trying to multitask by being a dairy cow while typing this post (i.e. pumping). typos are the least of my concerns!

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