my oh my

just a quick line because i certainly don’t want to forget what happened last night…

eli slept EIGHT straight hours — from 8:30 to 4:45am!

really. amazing.

of course, i was up for a solid hour from 1:30-2:30 wandering around, waiting for him to get up, eating some watermelon, playing on the computer, wondering if i should pump (i ended up waiting it out at that point out of fear he would need to eat mid-pump but had to give in about 4:40am when i awoke again and pump a couple ounces to relieve the intense rocks on my chest!).

i was seriously worried when i realized it was 4:40am and he wasn’t up. but all was good — baby boy just finally got in a good groove (for a night?!).

knock on wood, the rice cereal / breast milk bottle mixture and wee stricter of a routine seems to be helping. i am not at all crazy enough to think this is the end all be all (if only!), but after a solid week of next to no sleep, i will take anything i can get. and last night rocked!

now i just need to work on going to bed earlier so i can get some good shut eye too!



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