miles and memories

exciting news (or not depending on how you look at it)….my cute little Volvo s40 and i parted ways yesterday. i am by no means nostalgic about cars. in fact, i am quite the opposite…as long as it gets me from point a to point b safe and sound, i am happy. i would have driven the S40 literally until the wheels fell off (which at my mileage rate could happen…and PK might say my driving doesn’t help either). but that’s neither here not there. 

as i turned over the keys of my slightly dented (i may have backed into a propane tank — don’t judge, it was dark and raining), stained-seat (coffee, water, lunch, dinner, milk (tmi- sorry!)), i actually found myself a wee bit sad. that little car (emphasis in the little– hence the need for a new one) and i had some especially important times together. most impotant, it kept me safe and sound on COUNTLESS trips to cincinnati — a 7+ hour round trip that i made many times a week in an effort to conceive baby eli. i guess all those travels (combined with the daily grind of lots of work travel, Louisville trips, etc) was enough to tug at my teetering hormones and i shed a few tears. 

but then i found myself surrounded by the new car smell (which I then ruined with pad Thai takeout) and most of this nostalgia went away. well, it didnt go away, it just made it okay for the s40 to be a memory — and a good one at that. one that was with me through our entire baby making journey. (side note- our first s40 kept us safe in a terrible accident making me a volvo customer for life….especially now that my cargo is even more precious). 

the reality is, i was starting to look like a clampett in the s40…car seat, stroller, work boxes/crap, pump bag, work bag, diaper bag, purse…that was just the beginning. my car was sorta feeling like the Monica closet from friends — anything could be in there at any given time. seriously when the bob stroller is in the trunk, NOTHING else fit! i was on the brink before eli, but he along with his massive and growing collection of crap, made the need pretty large. so today Eli has what i hope will become his first car in 16 years. 🙂 

hoping for years of good memories with my little man in our new ride. 

happy Friday!

oh, and i’ll close with a little tye die action fashion pic.

rockin’ my dizzy daisy tye die tee


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