mini vaca

we were in louisville this weekend enjoying a mini family vacation (night). yesterday was filled with sun and football, followed by dinner at our favorite sushi place. once again, he was a rock star at the game – so alert and aware and i swear he watches the games! he was appropriately impressed and slept through dinner like a champ, exhausted from the game day excitement. it’s always amazing how he can manage to sleep through something such as the loud chaos of a bustling /busy sushi hibachi restaurant on a saturday night (with at least 5 birthday, drum-filled celebrations). when he wants to sleep, he will sleep. and vice versa (which pk got to deal with the “versa” today while i was in class)!

the weather could not have been more amazing yesterday and after dinner it was more than tempting to crave a little bardstown road patio bar time….but those days are over. at least when little man is in tow. i mean, sapporo on a saturday night was pushing it; flanagan’s (yes the bar our dog is named after) would be a bit too much for a 3-month old! i am reminded of a movie line here…”you have a baby. in a bar.”

so instead we trekked it to our hotel, got little man in bed and crashed ourselves. eli was plum tuckered and slept until 8am (with only one wake-up!)…of course our eyes popped open at 5am and we were wide awake. why does that happen?! at least it allowed us time to fuel with a large cup of highland coffee (obsessed) before starting the day. today was a daddy/son day while i attended my Pilates class. i more than a little sad to miss out on the fam time, but apparently eli was a little hungover from his day of play yesterday and wasn’t the best company (i.e. he may have cried non-stop for a few hours). we did manage a couple hours of browsing around louisville with a trip to earth fare for some orange-vanilla sparkling water and lunch (both obsessions!)

all in all, an awesome weekend with our sweet little family unit. i’m so in love with my boys and i know it will only keep getting better.

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