someday (9/11)


A heartfelt post from Dad/pk:

Someday I will take him to New York City. We will walk down to the corner of 82nd and 3rd and show him the sign that bears the name of his dad’s best friend, the man he was named for.
Someday, I will tell him all about the boy I met in august of 1991, but didn’t really get to know until the following year. He will hear all about the big scary kid from Brooklyn who was really just a big teddy bear. He will hear quotes until he can say them himself. He will learn all about what made Mark, Mark.
Someday, I will tell him all about the evil that was done on September 11, 2001. I will tell him about all of the hate and bitterness and sorrow I felt for a long time. I hope to convince him to not let it consume and overcome him, as I did for many years.
Someday, I will show him pictures and tell him the stories behind them. Not all of the stories and pictures will be revealed at first, but over a lifetime, he will get to know how much fun this guy could be. I will share the videos of New York trips. I will show him online clips of athletes like John Starks and Allan Houston, because that’s what Mark would have done with him too.
Someday, my son will likely have his innocence stolen. At that time, I hope I can comfort him in the way that many have comforted me. Nothing will ever take away the pain for him, as nothing has for me.
But today, I will celebrate with him his 3-month birthday. I will rejoice in knowing that Mark is looking down on us and smiling. Someday….

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