sorry for the slacking – updates

I assure you  my cricket blogging status is not because things are boring over here. Quite the contrary. 

Things. Are. Crazy. And great. 

So the blog has been lacking a little because I’m a slacker (and because Eli has fallen into an oh-so-awesome routine of being up 3-4x a night leaving me a little brain dead during the day.)

A few things that have happened during my slacking:

*Eli turned 3 months old. Really…how do I have a 3 month old!? He is simply amazing. He’s growing by the hour. It’s quite unreal actually — I mean how does he grow during the night when he gets up 3-4x? I hold him numerous times during the night, yet somehow he still seems bigger in the morning. 

*Sleeping is still not cool. I really don’t want to talk about it! A girl recently told me her 3-month old was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and has ever since. I basically gave her a double middle finger. Out of jealousy of course. Actually I give myself kudos for not being 100% crazy seeing as though I haven’t had more than a 4-hour stretch of sleep in over 4 months (sleep sucked at the end of pregnancy too). So, I’m patting myself on my own back for functioning at this point. Thank goodness for coffee. 

*Sushi dates – Eli is the coolest sushi date. Last weekend we had sushi Friday and Sat nights and he was awesome. Clearly he takes after his mama and papa and loves some yummy sushi. And the fun company didn’t  hurt. He got some great hugs/kisses from his older girlfriend, Madeline. Too cute. 

*Breastfeeding – I plan on an update post on this at some point this week — it’s going okay. Not great, not terrible. I consulted a dietitian who specializes in BF and pregnancy and get some great tips (I had NO idea how much protein I needed – wow!). More later on all that. 

*His smiles. His pouty lip (it is awesome and he looks so much like his daddy). His personality. His scent. All of it–he’s just too cool for words. Every day is better than the day before.

As far as the craziness, well, I’m too tired to elaborate. You can probably tell from this all-over-the-place post that I’m sorta a mess. Let’s  just say lots of decisions need to happen and my OCD is outta control trying to compensate for the lack of control in so many areas. I sorta feel like my life looks like our garage does right now — like a snow globe of stuff that someone turned upside down and shook really hard. Things are flying everywhere and I’m trying hard to catch everything and keep
It nice and organized. Impossible when juggling work, an intense Pilates course and, most important, a 3 month old. And that’s okay. 

So, onward and upward! On another happy note, it’s pumpkin season! For anyone who has been reading throughout our journey, you may recall my MAJOR obsession with pumpkin last fall while pregnant. It was ugly and it will be again! 


2 thoughts on “sorry for the slacking – updates

  1. Mo says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about the breastfeeding and what the RD said (ie. how much protein.). I find My supply really diminishes by the evening. Also, did you ever end up trying the Reglan?

    Love your updates and photos of your little cutie!

    • dogsarekids says:

      Hey! I’ve been on domperidone for a couple months now. It helps but I’m on a high dose (40mg/3x a day). If it weren’t for that I’d be dry I’m pretty sure. I haven’t had any negative side effects either. The dietitian had some great info…I feel like I know quite a bit about nutrition but I did not realize how much protein I need. Based on my caloric needs (resting metabolic rate plus exercise plus breastfeeding) I need about 180 grams of protein. Wow. I maybe get 1/2 that on a good day…and more like 1/3 that normally.

      How are you doing??

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