willing to try


Yes. You heard me. We are willing to try ANYTHING in order for a certain someone to get in a better sleeping routine. Hell, at this point the old days of 2am/5am nightly wake ups seem golden. For the past 7-8nights things have sucked. NO solid sleep has occurred for anyone (except the dogs).

Growth spurt? Teething? Colic? Who knows — but it has sucked. He will usually go down easily at 8ish and take a solid snooze until midnight (with the exception of a few nights getting up around 10:30). Yes, this is a nice 4-hour block, BUT my butt is rarely in bed at that point. I actually did force myself to go to sleep when he did Wednesday night (the 3 glasses of wine at 5:30pm may have helped! Dont judge…sleep deprivation does crazy things!). But after that first 4-hour stint, all hell breaks loose. From there on we are up every 1-1.5 hours. Screams. My milk doesn’t even have time to restore and honestly he’s not really hungry it seems. He will cry until given the boob but will usually only nibble long enough to calm down. But as soon as we put him back down, the screams return, or he will sleep for a max of 45-60 minutes before the whole cycle starts again. This goes on all night long with wake ups at 1:30ish, 3ish, 4ish, 5ish…and then the day begins. With coffee.

We’ve tried letting him cry it out. No luck. Plus now he can rollover and the woombie restricts his arms making it hard to roll back over (hence the woombie was retired tonight…should make for a fun night of arm flapping/waking himself up).

We’ve tried giving him a paci and rocking him when he cries (when its been less than 2 hours since he last ate) in hopes it will untrain him to wake up so often. No help.

We’ve tried formula. Yes formula. I’m still BF, but in an effort to 1) keep him/get him fuller at night and 2) try to bump up my frozen stash for work and 3) allow a little more peace of mind for some future mini getaways, we tried it. I cried. But you know what, he’s three months old. I’ve breastfed him until now and plan to keep it up for as long as I can (or until he is one at which time I dry up). But I can’t be too hard on myself. Again, I digress and will write a BF post. Back to the topic at hand, we are trying formula with rice 2x a day. No help (so far).

We’ve tried a routine (as close to babywise as I can handle) as far as eating/activity/consistency. No help. In fact, we took him to two sushi dinners last weekend b/c we figured he couldn’t sleep any less!

So, needless to say, we are delirious. I can’t formulate a sentence much less write a cohesive blog post. The days are running together and the late/early/long nights are getting old. I’m not asking for advice ( although it’s welcome) as I feel like we’ve gotten it all (and tried it all). My personal theory, all babies are different. What works for one, doesn’t for another (i.e. Eli). We’ll find something that works . Eventually, He’ll eventually sleep and we’ll look back and laugh (haha) at these days. Maybe. šŸ™‚

So as I sit here feeding him at 1:30am (hoping tonight is the night we break the terrible no good cycle), I’m trying to stay positive. He’s do darn amazing and he can’t help that his poor little body doesn’t understand how awesome sleep is. Yet.






2 thoughts on “willing to try

  1. I seriously wish I had any sort of advice for you…but alas, no babies here. I am so sorry!! I hope things start to look up? ps- your sushi date photo?? you are one HOT mama!

  2. […] past week of busy days and sleepless nights left little time to worry about the weekend and think about actually being gone. so early saturday […]

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