a night away

this weekend marked a big occasion…i spent my first night away from eli. sounds simple, i know. but after 15 weeks of being connected to eli day in and day out (aside from work), being gone for 24 hours seemed daunting and scary (and, at the same time, wonderful and needed).

months ago (perhaps even before eli made his appearance) we planned a weekend getaway on lake cumberland with some of our nearest and dearest friends from louisville. as the weekend approached, people backed out, plans changed and the weekend turned into more of a one-day/one-night thing. all good by me as i think spending time away is best done in baby steps (pun intended).

the past week of busy days and sleepless nights left little time to worry about the weekend and think about actually being gone. so early saturday morning when we were packing the car, baking (yes, i baked my favorite pumpkin muffins — it’s that time of year people!), prepping/planning for the day at the lake (everything from bathing suits to my breast pump/supplies to leg warmers and sweatshirts — fall lake necessities), it hit me that we were leaving. 24 whole hours away. of course, during that time i would have to pump every 3-4 hours so i still felt semi “connected” to him, but the tangible snuggles and kisses were not going to be possible.

i cried. i gave him countless hugs, kisses and snuggles before leaving and spent the hour+ drive trying to distract myself and/or think of reasons we needed to turn around. part of me wanted to be away so badly and the other part was literally sick at the thought. and it wasn’t as though we could just pack up and leave in the middle of the night since we were going to be docked in a cove on a houseboat (and, let’s be honest — none of us would likely be needing to drive a boat, much less a massive houseboat).

upon arrival at the lake, my stress started to float away. it was PERFECT weather — warm, sunny and breezy. the mimosas were flowing (a little too easily), the conversations were hilarious and the dance parties numerous. mid-afternoon i took a 3+hour nap (yep, it happened…i pulled a “mer” and disappeared for a bit). it was blissful to sleep. blissful to spend adult time with some of our dearest buddies. pure bliss.

i can’t lie, if we had been near the dock i would have driven home about 10pm. i started missing my boy. i missed bath time, bed time and just wanted to be near him. but, i made it through. we made it through. i was up probably more than i would have been if we had been home (especially considering eli actually only got up 2x last night — a record in the past few weeks).

fortunately we were a boat full of parents and we all awoke bright and early (a side effect of kids and the internal and external alarm clock they create!), so we were up and cleaning (all the party/lake funk that accumulates) and ready to hit the road by 9am.

today has been full of snuggles, hugs, kisses, strolls and stares. i can’t get enough of his smell, his gaze, his coos, his smiles and even his cries today.

i wouldn’t consider the day/night super “relaxing” (it was a bit more partying than relaxing), but 24 hours away was exactly what i needed to feel refreshed after a long few weeks of little sleep.

loving my boy and loving life today.

that’s all.

oh and a HUGE thanks to the best gram (my mom) ever for taking exceptional care of our little man while we were away.


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