a glimmer of hope

just when we were at our breaking point (and by that i mean i have been/am a sleep deprived disaster – mentally, physically, emotionally), lil’ man gave us a glimmer of hope and relief! again, i’ve actually come full circle with the sleeping issues — at the end of the day i’d rather havethese issues than not be a parent. however, sleep deprivation can be intense. so after three solid weeks of being up every 1.5-2hours, we’ve now had two pretty awesome nights. we are far from sleeping through the night, and i’m not crazy enough to think this is the new routine (hell, between teething and growth spurts i imagine our wake-ups per night will most certainly increase again sooner vs later). but i will also most definitely take what i can get. and a couple of 4 hour sleep stretches can do wonders for my mood, decision-making ability (which i have some big ones) and stamina.

our secret to these couple of “good” nights — no clue. we’ve seriously gone through EVERY sleep/baby book (including reading him the “go the fu$k to sleep” book on more than one occasion) and essentially tried bits and pieces from them all. we’re creating the eli method. basically, we will try anything! that’s our method:)


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3 thoughts on “a glimmer of hope

  1. Mo says:

    He is so stinkin’ cute! Glad you are getting a little more rest. I’ve been blessed with a pretty good sleeper. of course, I’ve probably just jinxed myself by writing that.

  2. Mo says:

    PS- I have never really put my blog out for anyone but family, but if you want to see pics of my family…

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