lots of decisions

why am i so terrible at making decisions? i mean terrible. and the more sleep deprived i become, the worse it is.

every decision from what to wear to work, what to wear to work out (crazy – see!), what to make for dinner, what time to feed Eli to have that magic sweet spot where he sleeps for 6+ hours, what type of shampoo to buy…you catch my drift. even the smallest things seem daunting on no sleep (i may have changed Eli’s outfit 3x yesterday morning before deciding on one….the kicker being he wasn’t even going anywhere!).

so, when it comes to bigger decisions i am nearly paralyzed right now. and i have some big ones i’m /we’re making. i hash and re-hash until i’m blue in the face and pk is ready to scream (and does sometimes — sorry babe!).

i really have no conclusion to this post other than hoping that putting in writing my ridiculous inability to make a decision will help me make some!

oh, and here’s the outfit we landed on for Eli’s cozy day at home. when i see his big brown eyes, i am reminded that so many of my “decisions” aren’t overly important anyway. i need to learn to chill….like Eli.



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