you always here people say…

“you won’t remember what you did before kid(s)”

“being a parent is the hardest job”

“you dont know exhaustion until you are a parent”

while I agree with portions of these statements (forgetfulness, difficulty and exhaustion), i don’t necessarily think it’s the hardest thing ever. maybe i say that based on what it took for us to get here. our journey was not easy and not fun. those days of working 70+ hours a week, trying to juggle fertility treatments, all the while having a mindset of “I must excel at my career in case I don’t have kids”…those times were just as hard. just different.

one thing parenting is…all-consuming. i think it all boils down to where you are in life…What stage you are in. we were ready to be parents. and while it is crazy challenging and exhausting, it’s also beautiful and rewarding.

i often feel guilty posting too many pictures / comments on Facebook about Eli, and talking about him so much. but the reality is, he is all-consuming. so, even when i’m away/at work/etc. my body is a constant reminder (hello pumping and driving) that I’m a parent.

so i guess this post is sort of an “I’m sorry” to those still struggling with fertility who are OVER hearing about babies 24/7. honestly i tip my hat to all women — not just moms, not just career women. we all bust our asses day in and day out. life is challenging at every stage…just different.

3 thoughts on “before…

  1. Mo says:

    I struggled with infertility as well, and agree that it was tough. We go through different stages in life, and that is what we write/think/blog about. Don’t feel bad – Eli is your focus now and you should be enjoying and experiencing every part of it.

  2. Sarah says:

    I hear you on everything here….. Though I think the ‘mental’ side of it does make it the hardest job ever x

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